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Essay, I Say

Stop Trying to Be an "Artist"--Just Write!

Twenty Years and Twenty Minutes

AP English Blather

Measure Your Paragraphs

Paragraph Structure: Focus, Unity, and Direction

Paragraph Structure: Coherence

Don't Let Me Catch You Writing from a Thesaurus!

A Partial Defense of the Five-Paragraph Theme as a Model for Student Writing

Dictionary Definitions Are SO High School!

Fear Not the Introduction

Street Writing

BSO: The Basic Scratch Outline

The "Eureka!" Experience

Forget Formulas--Context Is Everything

You Can't Teach Writing by the Numbers

The Importance of Manuscript Form
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Active Voice vs. Passive Voice

What Do You Want Your Essay to DO to Your Reader--and WHY?

The Mystery Of The Missing Marks:
Some Misconceptions about the Grading of English Essays
Guest article by Dr. Nils Clausson, of the University of Regina in Canada
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Don't get Emotionally Attached to Your Own Opinion
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Don't Get Emotionally Attached to Your Own Opinion: Part II
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Beads!: Metaphors for Teaching Paragraph Unity and Coherence

Your Scaffolding Is Showing!

What to Write?: Using Aristotle's "Topics of Invention" as a Heuristic

Necessary Order

(This article has several parts.  They can all be accessed directly from Part 1, or you can use the separate links on this index.)

1. Grading Standards: What Is "Good" Writing?

2. Grading Standards: Adherence to Textual Conventions

3. Grading Standards: Correctness

4. Grading Standards: Style

5. Grading Standards: Voice

6. Grading Standards: Purpose

7. Grading Standards: Development

8. Grading Standards: Organization

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