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Don't Let Me Catch You Writing from a Thesaurus! 

Dictionary Definitions Are SO High School! 

Fear Not the Introduction

Street Writing 

BSO: The Basic Scratch Outline

The "Eureka!" Experience 

Forget Formulas--CONTEXT Is Everything 

You Can't Teach Writing by the Numbers

The Importance of Manuscript Form
(This link will take you to my "teacher, Teacher" website.)

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice 

What Is "Good" Writing?
(consists of 8 separate sections) 

What Do You Want Your Essay to DO to Your Reader--and WHY? 

The Mystery Of The Missing Marks:
Some Misconceptions about the Grading of English Essays
Guest article by Nils Clausson, of the University of Regina in Canada
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Beads!: Metaphors for teaching Paragraph Unity and Coherence

Your Scaffolding Is Showing!

What to Write?: Using Aristotle's "Topics of Invention" as a Heuristic

Necessary Order

Improve Your English Grammar with WhiteSmoke